To a meaningful 2020


Around this time last year, I remember the government was in the process of poring over the 12th Plan. Just over a month in office, we were sieving our priorities and getting down to work.

Into the months, I started early and resigned to bed late, read thousands of pages and met people from all over, maneuvered daily calendar while setting in motion numerous initiatives and reforms. My government and I promised change and we all worked towards that.

Yet it feels like just yesterday. This one year was about readying the field, sharpening the tools, sowing seeds and laying foundation.

Which is why 2020 is a significant chapter in our tenure. We ought to nurture and cultivate what we sowed, so that entire nation reaps the yields. It is time for more action.

And just as any Bhutanese, I am equally excited about the coming year, which awaits to unveil significant moments.

As propitious as it could get, in the year of double 20s, His Majesty The King attains the age of 40. The auspicious touchstone would bring the nation together in celebration of the anniversary and all the noble endeavours so far.

The excitement has peaked since the news swept the nation on December 17, and people of Bhutan eagerly wait for the arrival of the royal baby. Until then, we shall pray for the good health of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen.

Back in the governance, it is a year of great responsibility as we move forward, guided by the royal address and concerns echoed at the 112th National Day. Having immediately reached out to the agencies and experts, we are down to business.

As we strive to build our health and education sectors, our major focus in the coming year is to strengthen our economy. What is the 21st century economic roadmap His Majesty pointed us to? How can we improve our efficiency and why have we not been able to derive the advantage of our smallness?

There are so many opportunities to do better, as a nation and as an individual.

So, on this touch of a new decade, taking inspiration from our King, let us make the year more meaningful. I urge all the Bhutanese, in all parts of the world, to come together. Let us all make it happen, for ourselves, for our children and for all generations of Bhutanese to come.

I sincerely wish you a very happy and meaningful 2020.