Prayers from Bhutan


Deep prayers reverberated within the walls of Simtokha dzong, an ancient fortress in the south of Thimphu. And in every word, every thought and in the ambience of spirituality, lingered Australia, her people and its wildlife.

The small country in the Himalayas came together to join the rest of the world in praying for the continent that is battling with one of the worst tragedies from the bushfire.

“We hope our sincere and heartfelt prayers reach Australia and make a difference in bringing an end to this calamity,” Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said.

With every second news or updates on social media emitting heartrending images from down-under, everyone hoped for technology and manpower to resolve the crises.

“But when situation is unprecedented and beyond our control, as a deeply spiritual country, it is the prayers we fall back on,” the prime minister said. “And we desperately hope that our prayers are answered.”

Letshog Lopen Rinpoche, opposition leader, chairman of National Council, ministers, parliament members, senior government officials, diplomats and representatives of Bhutan Australia Alumni Association joined the prayer ceremony held this morning. Showing up in solidarity were also those who studied and worked in Australia.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also thanked the agencies and Bhutanese in Australia and other parts of the world for making contributions and showing support at various levels.

“I am proud of you all and have no doubt that it will have an impact in uplifting the spirit of Australia,” he said.

Central Monastic Body will also conduct prayers across the country for the lives lost and for cessation of suffering in Australia.