Press Summary from the 10th Friday Meet held


Press Summary from the 10th Friday Meet on ‘Earn and Learn program, Clarification on Gaydrungs, Domestic helpers and Regional entry points for regional tourists’  

 ‘Earn and Learn program’

Overseas employment program was initiated in the country under the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources with the aim of employment abroad.  The ‘earn and learn program’ in Japan is a package under the overseas employment scheme. The program has faced some glitches and become a topic of discussion today. Several rounds of discussion, questions and answers sessions have been organized by national television – Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) inviting all the stakeholders involved in the program, media has undertaken stories on the case and social media outcry has brazen.

Press Summary from the 9th Friday Meet

Press Summary from the 9th Friday Meet held on 22nd March 2019

‘The Real Estate Boom’ & ‘Earn and Learn Program’

Developing countries have faced a common phenomenon of exponential growth of population and high divergence in housing needs. As a country develops and is urbanized, there has been a noted disproportion between housing needs and supply. Over the past two decades, the occupation of rented houses and the number of people desiring to stay in rented accommodation has increased exponentially in urban centers of Bhutan.

Lyonchhen visits Haa Dzongkhag

Covering an area of roughly 1706 sq. km, Haa is one of the smallest Dzongkhag in the western end of the country gilded by the Meri Puensum.