44th foundation day of Paro College of Education


“I take pride in closely associating my self with the teaching profession. That is not because teaching was my second career choice or because I have over six members of my family in the teaching professions. It is simply because teaching and health are closely related”.
Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering shared this at the 44th foundation day of Paro College of Education.

The Prime Minister attends Fourth Royal Highland Festival


Fenced by majestic peaks, Langothang in Laya came to life yesterday as people from different parts of the country gathered to celebrate the Fourth Royal Highland Festival.

Adorned in lavish ornaments, their bjas (black tents) showcasing lifestyle, products and cattle, and varying hues dotting the ground, the highlanders are at the heart of the festival.

Summary from the 5th Meet the Press held on April 26, 2019

Question: Government’s plans to broaden tax base?  

A cautious analysis of the current taxation policy and the practicing system in our country shows that our tax base is eroding. The tax exemption system is complex. More importantly, our tax base is narrow and complicated.