Lyonchhen visits Haa Dzongkhag

Covering an area of roughly 1706 sq. km, Haa is one of the smallest Dzongkhag in the western end of the country gilded by the Meri Puensum.
Lyonchhen travelled to Haa and visited the Lhakhang Karp, Dzongkhag administration, Chundu Armed Forces Public School and Haa Dzongkhag Hospital.
This is Lyonchhen’s first official travel to a Dzongkhag thus far.
Lhakhang Karp
Upon reaching Haa, Lyonchhen offered prayers at the Lhakhang Karp and Ap Chundu (the guardian deity).
Believed to be constructed in the 7th century by SongtsenGampo, Lhakhang Karpo is one of the guardians of the people of Haa.
It is believed that SongtsenGampo released two doves colored white and black to chose the sites for the temples. The doves are believed to have landed in the current site of temples Lhakhang Karp and Lhakhang Nap.
Meeting with the Locals and dzongkang officials.
After offering prayers at the Lhakhang Karp, Lyonchhen visited the the Haa Dzongkang administration block and met with the officials and locals of Haa.
At the meeting, Lyonchhen shared that the government aspires to rethink our development model. He said that the government is committed to making our education system relevant to the needs of present.
Lyonchhen explained the government’s plan for cooperative agriculture system with cold-chain transportation system, a shift from subsistence to commercial farming.
He added that the government is persistent on health care enhancement from primary to secondary and tertiary level.
Lyonchhen also shared the governments plans for private sector development, tourism development and others.
Visit to Chundu Armed Forces Public School
Located around 9 kms away from Haa town, the Chundu Central School was handed over to the Royal Bhutan Army and converted as Chundu Armed Forces Public School on 29th March, 2016.
Meeting the teachers and students there, Lyonchhen reminded the students and teachers of their roles in fulfilling the aspirations of His Majesty the King given the importance Chundu School has been accorded.
Lyonchhen said that Chundu School must excel and be an exemplar in the country as one of the best schools in the country.
He ensured the full support and commitment from the government in further strengthening the school.
Visit to Haa District Hospital
In 2016, the Bali BHU in Haa was gutted by fire. His Majesty the King then commanded the construction of the hospital at the present site which was inaugurated on 13 May, 2018.
Meeting the staff of the hospital, Lyonchhen reminded them that they do not merely deal with human beings, but with human beings at the most critical times of their lives.
He shared that the government is committed to enhancing the health sector and urged the staff to continue their commitment to serve the people.