Lyonchhen attended 20th Convocation of the Royal Institute of Management

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay conveyed His Majesty the King’s “heartiest Tashi Delek” to the 274 graduates attending the 20th Convocation of the Royal Institute of Management, this morning.

Lyonchhen informed the gathering that His Majesty the King is touring the country – “walking through difficult terrains to be with His people” and requested the graduates not to be upset about His Majesty not being at the convocation but to draw inspiration from His Majesty.

Lyonchhen shared that whenever His Majesty visited schools, colleges and institutions and address the students, His Majesty would talk about National Objectives – protecting and promoting vibrant democracy, sustainable economic growth and sovereignty.

Talking about democracy, Lyonchhen said that it is our collective responsibility to look after our democracy- to ensure that our democracy is vibrant. “We have to be united as Bhutanese, bound by our love for our single monarch. While we celebrate democracy, our people should be governed by the rule of law”, Lyonchhen added.

On economic progress, Lyonchhen said “we all must work hard collectively to ensure sustainable economic growth keeping in mind our strong values and by ensuring equitable development- only the government getting self-reliant is not good enough, people getting self-reliant is more important.”

Lyonchhen also spoke about the importance of sovereignty and said, “The life force of our sovereignty is our monarch. The institution of Monarchy will guarantee our country’s sovereignty.”

Lyonchhen also reminded them that His Majesty the King always reminds us of the challenges and advantages of our country’s size. Being a small country we are fortunate to have the benevolence of our Monarch but we have to be mindful of the risk of being Complacent, Mediocre and Corrupt society.

Acknowledging the badges worn by the graduates, Lyonchhen asked them to wear the badge of His Majesty the King “as an inspiration and as conscience to do the right thing.”

Lyonchhen wished everyone Tashi Delek.


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