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PM visited the Austrian Development Cooperation Office

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay visited the Austrian Development Cooperation Office in Thimphu this morning and met with Dr. Binder Johannes, the Resident Coordinator.

Dr. Johannes updated Lyonchhen about the projects undertaken by the Austrian Development Cooperation Office and expressed that he is happy with the progress of the projects.

Lyonchhen and the Resident Coordinator discussed on wide range of topics in the field of sustainable renewable energy, hydropower, vocationaltraining, tourism and hospitality amongst many others.

On the vocational training Lyonchhen suggested if the Austrian experts could further train the graduates from Technical Training Institutes.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay visited the JICA Office

To welcome Mr. Koji Yamada to Bhutan Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay visited the JICA Office in Thimphu and offered Tashi Khadar. Mr. Yamada is the new Chief Representatives of JICA, Bhutan Office.

Lyonchhen and Mr. Yamada discussed in length about promoting agriculture here in Bhutan. “Let us look at the possibilities of making rice production self-sufficient” Lyonchhen said. Discussion on sustainable transport also took place.

Lyonchhen also thanked the government and people of Japan for supporting Bhutan in developmental activities in the field of agriculture, bridge construction, rural electrification, electric vehicle- quick charger and others.

Lyonchhen attended the Annual Dzongdags’ Conference

Speaking at the opening session of the Dzongdags’ Conference this morning Lyonchhen informed the Dzongdags that the National Statistical Bureau would be assessing the economy growth of Dzongkhags from now on.

Lyonchhen asked the Dzongdags to hold discussions with the people and find out ways and means to reduce import, promote tourism and support growth of entrepreneurs in their respective Dzongkhags. In order to provide leadership and support towards improving the quality of education in the country, Lyonchhen urged the Dzongdags to adopt one Center School and look after it for one year. The list of Center Schools adopted by each Dzongdags to be shared with the Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister attends Fourth Royal Highland Festival

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Lyonchhen meets Shri Narendra Modi Nath, Prime Minister of India

Lyonchhen meets Shri Narendra Modi Nath, Prime Minister of India

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