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To a meaningful 2020


Around this time last year, I remember the government was in the process of poring over the 12th Plan. Just over a month in office, we were sieving our priorities and getting down to work.

Into the months, I started early and resigned to bed late, read thousands of pages and met people from all over, maneuvered daily calendar while setting in motion numerous initiatives and reforms. My government and I promised change and we all worked towards that.

‘AM with PM’, the 37th session


‘AM with PM’, the 37th session

At 8.30 am, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering met with almost 50 staff of Bhutan Development Bank (BDB) this morning.

The session lasted for almost 2 hours, as the prime minister and BDB staff discussed on wide range of topics, including social and commercial mandate of BDB and working towards an efficient system of banking. The prime minister also shared that the government was reviewing the modality of community centers.


In keeping with His Majesty’s vision of promoting interest in space, science and astronomy, Bhutan is participating in the NameExoWorlds Project being carried out by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in celebration of 100 years of IAU. This global project offers an opportunity for each country, including Bhutan, to name an exoplanet and its host star. An exoplanet is a planet outside the solar system. Thousands of exoplanets have been discovered orbiting other stars over the past three decades.