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Press Summary from the 9th Friday Meet

Press Summary from the 9th Friday Meet held on 22nd March 2019

‘The Real Estate Boom’ & ‘Earn and Learn Program’

Developing countries have faced a common phenomenon of exponential growth of population and high divergence in housing needs. As a country develops and is urbanized, there has been a noted disproportion between housing needs and supply. Over the past two decades, the occupation of rented houses and the number of people desiring to stay in rented accommodation has increased exponentially in urban centers of Bhutan.

Lyonchhen visits Haa Dzongkhag

Covering an area of roughly 1706 sq. km, Haa is one of the smallest Dzongkhag in the western end of the country gilded by the Meri Puensum.

Press Summary from ’8th Friday Meet’ held on 15th March, 2019

Press Summary from the 8th Friday Meet held on 15th March, 2019

‘Rethinking development; Rethinking RTM’


The 14th Round Table Meeting themed ‘Enhancing Happiness and Sustainable Development Through Partnerships’ concluded on 14th March, 2019, with ideas and concepts for partnership and rethinking development.

Bhutan is at an important juncture in our development journey and as the last plan towards graduation from the Least Developed Country (LDC) status, the 12th FYP is perilous to ensuring that Bhutan’s development gains are strengthened and that the last mile challenges overcome. It is also critical that progress towards achieving the 17 National Key Result Areas, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are sustained.