44th foundation day of Paro College of Education


“I take pride in closely associating my self with the teaching profession. That is not because teaching was my second career choice or because I have over six members of my family in the teaching professions. It is simply because teaching and health are closely related”.
Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering shared this at the 44th foundation day of Paro College of Education.

Teaching and medicine are critical professions as healthcare deals with people at a critical point in their life of sickness while teaching deals with students at a critical stage in their formative and developmental years.
Highlighting this he said, “For a doctor, he must treat his last patient the same way he treats his first patient. Similarly, for a teacher he must teach everyone with the same zeal and energy be it the first period or the last.”

The Prime Minister also shared how teachers are teachers all through their life. “On a hot sunny day, a glass of beer might sound tempting, but as a teacher you have that professional responsibility of living by example and practicing what you preach. That is why you are not teachers in just classrooms, you are teachers throughout your life.”

The Prime Minister also launched a training manual for the happiness and wellbeing center which targets enhancing mental health, counseling, and wellbeing support for university students.

The Paro College of Education was founded as a teacher training center in 1975 with eight female trainees. Today, the center has over 1500 trainees.

Later in the evening, the Prime Minister met the faculty and students of Norbuling Rigter College.


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