Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering joined the 261 De-suups in the Passing Out Parade today

Emotions peaked as the prayers and national anthem echoed on the grounds of Shaba Commando Wing, Paro. Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering joined the 261
De-suups in the Passing Out Parade today.
Recalling the events that unfolded on this day last year, prime minister said by late afternoon, a report arrived that there was a possible case of COVID-19 in one of the tourists in the country. Preliminary tests and confirmatory ones pointed more towards the evidence that we also had the disease that had penetrated many countries in the world by then.
Thereon, the nation set out on a strenuous, yet unprecedented journey that defined our unique characters and perseverance. Recalling the lessons learnt today, prime minister said in these months of crises came to view our biggest strength as a Bhutanese, the leadership in His Majesty and the unity of the people of Bhutan under that.
And in all the profound initiatives to save the people from the pandemic, the De-suups stood as a firm channel to realise His Majesty’s aspirations and compassion for the country and the people.
While the threat from COVID-19 loomed as much today, prime minister said the energy and dedication he sensed from the enthusiastic De-suups here gave him the reassurance that we will all be able to live up to His Majesty’s expectations hereafter.
Together, 1,758 De-suups at different locations across the country complete the program that started on February 14, coinciding with the Raising Day.

Checklist for signing new MoU with external parties

Checklist for signing new MoU with external parties (Download here)

1010: An integrated Public Service Call Center

call center
Just as the official inauguration was being held, telephones were ringing one after the other at the Public Service Call Center (PSCC) in Thimphu.
The operators at the Youth Development Fund were facilitating people to register inquiries related to travel, health inquiries, procedures and registration with the Check Post Management System.
Cabinet Secretary Sangay Duba at the inaugural highlighted the concerns of the Prime Minister on public service delivery and how it must be swift, accessible and informative at all times.